“Angela has been teaming up the last several years with myself and our HR leadership team, helping us with several of our senior leaders in Latin America. She has been a great partner in growing senior leaders, coaching our teams and working in their strengths. Along with becoming more self-confident, they gain a better understanding of themselves and areas of opportunity.

Angela has been a great partner for me, someone that I trust and can share concerns with. She is someone who will speak the truth – even if is not popular – but always with the goal to help and get the best of the team/people she works with.”

President – Microsoft Asia

“During my last year with PR Newswire, I was offered a stretch assignment, and as part of my compensation for this additional work, I negotiated for an executive coach. Several friends at other companies were working with executive coaches, and I was curious to see and experience what a “paid mentor” would be like for me, someone who’s a big sponge and constant learner. The most interesting revelation was that I found myself working extra hard at achieving outcomes in this relationship because of the financial investment that was made for the service. It’s the same think that happens when you pay for a personal trainer or therapist-you do the work because you want your money’s worth.

Now not all executive coaches are the same. They have different techniques and personalities, and, as with your trainer or therapist, before you engage in a relationship like this, you want to hear from others that the person is great to work with! You want to know exactly what the benefits and outcomes of the relationship will be because you’re paying for it. But that’s the best reason in the world to seek a Yoda-for-hire, when you have a particular objective that someone with a particular skill can help you achieve.

For example, after my unfortunate experience with the shingles, I know I wanted an executive coach who was an expert in stress management as well as leadership. I also know I wanted someone with a bit of edge, and after interviewing four coaches I ended up choosing Angela Love, an expert in NeuroLeadership who taught me – among many other things – how to meditate with non-achievement in mind. Angela got me to begin scratching at my genius potential by teaching me how to exercise unseen “leadership muscles” while meditating. This practice resulted in better patience and quiet confidence and, most important, taught me courage, which eventually helped me to start my own practice. Angela was a great coach, and my experience with her taught me the real power of Yodas-for-hire”.

Inc. bestselling Practical Genius author – Gina Rudan

“Angela has worked with the Microsoft Latin America team for several years engaging at the most strategic organizational level and the most impactful, individual level. She has coached several of our General Managers, facilitated senior leadership team meetings and has supported large-scale, change management projects.

In every engagement, Angela has demonstrated uncompromising professionalism, deep subject matter expertise, and incredible insight and intuition of human and organizational behavior. Her prior experience as a sales executive with a Fortune 500 company has been invaluable in her ability to understand our complex business model as well as the pressures and demands of leaders who work in a 24/7 reality.

Her cutting edge research and application of mindfulness techniques are expanding the capacity of our leaders to work at higher, more productive levels while focusing on work/life integration.

Working with Angela is always fun, energizing, educational and personally fulfilling – her passion for her work and her clients is contagious!”

Director People and Organizational Capability – Microsoft

“Few times in life you have the opportunity to meet someone who inspires you to reach to your full potential. Working with Angela was an inspiration and motivation. Her pragmatic and insightful coaching style, allowed me to learn more about my leadership style and the impact that it has in the organization. As a result, I was able to successfully lead an organization through a difficult and challenging time.

We worked in specific areas I wanted to build up, and a year later I believe they are now part of my competencies. I highly recommend the experience of working with an executive coach, and especially someone who inspires you. Angela was that coach for me”

President Russell Hobbs ($770 M consumer products business)

“The benefits gained for myself and my committee from the instruction and guidance given by Angela Love has been tremendous. With Angela’s support my committee was able to master the necessary skills and develop the competencies that were essential to accomplishing our two year strategic plan. Additionally with Angela’s guidance we were able to identify our core values and develop a mission statement that the entire committee felt really identified our value to the organization. The two year strategic plan when presented to our national leadership team was received with great enthusiasm and appreciated for its depth and proactive stance. Angela is quick to pass the credit on to us for the heavy lifting; however Angela was absolutely instrumental in our success. I have recommended her services to our National Leadership Board and would whole-heartedly suggest she is worthy of your considerations.”

National legislative Chairman, NATCA

“Angela worked with me as a personal development coach. She is a skilled listener and very quick to identify areas of strength and areas requiring improvement for career advancement. I found her to be an exceptional coach and highly recommend her for your consideration.”

VP Global Engineering, Tyco Safety Products

“Angela’s coaching skills are superb. Her listening skills and advice resulted in behavior changes that accelerated the career development and the business contributions of some of our highest potential employees.”

Vice President Strategic Business Unit, Tyco International

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