Coaching and Leadership Development

The coaching and leadership development landscape has changed dramatically over the last several years, with new and exciting research related to people, teams, and how they think and succeed.

As any successful leader will attest, change isn’t something that just happens sometimes — change is happening all the time, in every moment and decision. Understanding the tools, mindset, behaviors, and resilience necessary to embrace this change as momentum and thrive is crucial. Sharing that understanding is where we excel.


Executive and Leadership Coaching

When thinking about leadership, words like authenticity and transformation come to mind but coaching has grown beyond simply gathering some feedback and targeting one or two behaviors for change. Our research, along with research from organizations such as the Institute of Coaching at McClean Hospital/Harvard University, are shedding new light on the way people are inspired to grow, learn, create, and lead in corporate and public service environments.

Our customized coaching programs provide opportunities for the development of new strategies, behaviors, and habits that go beyond the standard development of leadership capabilities. We encourage the development of personal capacity to enhance attention, focus, and decision making. We foster the creation of choice-driven behaviors that increase resilience while providing measurable business and personal results.

  • Leadership Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership and Employee Assessment
  • Team Assessment
  • Team Coaching
  • Leading Global, Cross-Cultural Teams
  • Leader Legacy and Exit Strategies

We utilize proven leadership development tools that include Korn Ferry Voices 360, Hay Group Emotional and Social Competency Inventory (ESCI), the Hogan suite of tools, and our in-house created coaching and assessment tools.


Leadership and Organizational Development Consulting

From the leaders of start-up companies seeking investors, to the non-profit, or to the Fortune 500 C-Suite dedicated to creating creative learning cultures, we’re proud of the long-standing relationships we’ve created by offering a trusted-advisor model that provides a place to test ideas and foster the creativity of new ones. We join our clients for opportunities that include:

  • Visioning and Strategy
  • Climate Assessment
  • Critical Incident Debriefing
  • Talent Strategy
  • Leading Change
  • Coaching Program Creation
  • Learning Program Creation and Delivery
  • Social Responsibility Strategy
  • Partner and Channel Identification and Assessment

Core Values

We respect the privacy of each individual and we believe in the ability to make personal and behavioral changes without compromising personality, authenticity, or integrity. Our programs are built on a foundation of mutual respect and a deep appreciation for the uniqueness of each human spirit.

Despite the fact that we invest our whole hearts into each program, we understand that our primary responsibility is to usher change. We work hard to transfer knowledge to the people who will ultimately use it.