There are countless forms and types of meditation and in work with clients I have been introduced to many forms of meditation, including yoga. In my research for my dissertation I found that each world religion had concepts and forms of meditation from contemplate prayer to chanting. The type of meditation I practice (quite imperfectly) is called calm abiding mediation, or mindfulness meditation. I have included an example of one type of meditation below, but encourage you to find your niche!
In short, mindfulness meditation is a friendly gesture toward ourselves, in which we take time to sit still for 10–15 minutes or longer. You can even meditate in your office, sitting in your chair. Here are some suggested guidelines:

  • Sit upright—relaxed, yet alert.
  • Open your eyes and maintain a soft, relaxed, downward gaze.
  • Breathe normally. Focus on the sensation of the breath comes in and out of your nostrils.
  • If you feel restless or agitated you can also focus on the rise and fall of your belly
  • Observe your thoughts gently, without judgment.
  • Label your thoughts as “thinking” and dismiss them. Let them go. I think of them as clouds floating by…
  • Return your focus to your being and breathing
  • Be still.
  • If you have trouble focusing in the beginning you can count your out-breaths from one to ten and then start over at one again…

Let me know you do….