There are six areas you need to look at when you experience boredom on the job. I’ve written about five of them: 

  1. Being on autopilot
  2. Loss of energy
  3. Conformism
  4. Underwhelm
  5. Overwhelm


The sixth reason people slide into apathy and inertia is because they just simply don’t like their job.

Boredom Reason #6: You don’t like your job.

When certain aspects of your job irritate or fail to interest you, you’ll likely disengage. Perhaps your real strengths and talents lie elsewhere. You simply may not be a good fit for your job, no matter how great said job is supposed to be.

Discuss the situation with your manager, and explore the causes. Together, you may be able to redesign your job to fit your strengths, rather than waste your time trying to perform tasks for which you’re not suited.

Don’t let the situation continue for too long. The more you delay, the more dissatisfied you will become—and this can create resentment among you, your team members and your boss.

It’s easy to dismiss critical “stuck points” in your career as temporary boredom. In actuality, boredom is a sign that you need to do something else. Don’t let it become habitual. The longer it lasts, the harder it is to get “unstuck.”

In the end, boredom can seriously undermine others’ perceptions of your potential, as well as your chances for more interesting work opportunities. Speak up and discuss its causes and solutions. Your brain craves interesting things to do.

Most people aren’t so ready to switch jobs since the economic recession has made it more difficult to find new ones.

What’s been your experience with boredom? Most importantly, what would you have the courage to do when you discover you really don’t like your job? That’s a challenge, isn’t it?