You may have been selected to be fast-tracked for more responsibilities because of your high potential to lead others, or you are already at the top tier of leadership in your company.

You’re probably highly intelligent, already successful, ambitious, and astute in social interactions. As a result, you’ve been recognized for your leadership capabilities. Congratulations!

Many successful executives I meet are not exactly looking for ways to conform to specific behaviors that other people have deemed the “best fit” for a leader.

Yes, often I find that Fortune 500 companies have defined specific competencies that are measured and encouraged because they’ve been designated important to their corporate environment.

However, my experience is that people like you are coming into executive coaching assignments more competent and personally well adjusted than ever before.

Maybe it’s the fact that leadership development programs for the past 5-10 years have, in addition to focusing on business related behaviors, incorporated the work on emotional intelligence popularized by Daniel Goleman.

People already understand that self awareness, social awareness, and healthy relationships are keys to good leadership. Yes, there are improvements to skills and behaviors that can be made by all of us, but I am extremely excited and encouraged when I meet executives like you who have done that work, and who are ready for what I have heard them refer to as “the next level” of development.

We are now in a new economy which places new demands on leaders who have been largely accustomed to operating in the realm of success.

What I am excited about encountering in this next wave of leadership talent is the ability to embrace change from the standpoints of:

  • “What do I have to learn?”
  • “How do I make a broader contribution that reaches beyond our own organization?”

I am finding individuals and teams are reaching wider while making values-based decisions about how to achieve objectives incorporating their values. Many have made the commitment to personal and team learning that will allow them to achieve the level of awareness and leadership capacity required for the increasing demands of the new global landscape.

This new intellectually and emotionally “tuned up” breed of leader has the ability to go deeper as a member of a team, ultimately allowing for more meaningful team work.

In my consulting work with executives and teams, I am finding that in addition to the standard assessment and behavioral work we coaches still successfully use, more people are open to using tools such as mindful meditation to increase their personal awareness, enhance their health, and to deepen their personal and organizational effectiveness as leaders.

Mindfulness training is recognized as one effective tool helping us facilitate the innovation and creativity that New Leaders are capable of attaining. There are other things that we’re learning from brain science that also help us to learn, to retain what we learn and to apply it to our emotional, physical and career well-being.

I believe this to be the next wave of coaching and training for leaders and their teams, helping them to enhance their capacity, wellness and brain power through some ancient yet new techniques for leadership development.

All this makes me enthusiastic to be working with you, the New Leaders. You are on the frontier of human development with great possibilities.

Finally, you New Leaders are going to be the foundation of the organizations that are equipped for the current and future challenges, which leads me to believe that in the field of leadership development, it is time for some fresh horses.

It may not be an easy ride, but it will be interesting, for sure.