Clashpoints at Work: How we Work and Communicate

By 2021, Gen X will be the senior members of the work force, and both Gen X and New Millennials will be in leadership positions. Big changes are already beginning to appear and, in 10 years, the world of work will be significantly different.

Clashpoints at Work: Generational Gaps

Older generations’ complaints about the next generation are nothing new. Conflicts replay throughout every decade. However this current generation gap is bigger than we’ve ever seen because of technology. I hear about these frustrations frequently in the work I’m doing.

No generation is better or worse than another, and prevailing attitudes are neither right nor wrong—just decidedly different.

Clashpoints at Work: A Not-so-Perfect Labor Storm

In 1999, leadership expert Ira S. Wolfe coined the term “perfect labor storm” to describe a convergence of demographic and socioeconomic developments that would result in an unprecedented shortage of skilled workers in 2011—the year the first Baby Boomers hit 65 and start to retire.

Work Paradox: ReflAction and Lifelong Learning

I’m always surprised that often the most intelligent people carry around great ideas they never put into practice. Why is that? I have clients who come to me with their own answers, and yet they haven’t taken action. Hopefully, with coaching, they are able to go further.

Reflection and action yield meaning and energy. Harvard University Continuing Education Professor Tal Ben-Shahar combines these two powerful learning tools into one concept: “ReflAction.”