What Blocks Creative Insights?

I’ve been exploring how leaders and managers can facilitate high performance in people through creative insights. Albert Einstein is reported to have said that if you gave him an hour to solve a problem, he’d use the first 55 minutes to consider if it was...

Another 2 Valued Minds for the Future – Creative and Respectful

In my previous post, I have discussed two kinds of minds that Howard Garner has mentioned in Five Minds for the Future (Harvard Business School Press, 2007). Here are the additional two:

  3. The Creating Mind

    Human creativity is at a premium. Businesses want employees who can develop a “new vision” and “extend existing product categories,” on top of completing their daily work.

    Creative thinkers are no longer deemed exceptional; they’re the expected new hire. Work by psychologists like Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi show that creativity is not a lone endeavor, but three elements that interact to foster lasting breakthroughs: 

    2 Highly Valued Minds for The Future – Disciplined and Discerning

    In a ruthless, globally competitive market, companies cannot afford the luxury of holding onto more employees than they need. With economic constraints and technological advances, some jobs are being eliminated completely — a trend that will surely continue.

    A new generation of sophisticated information and communication technologies, together with new forms of business reorganization and management, is wiping out full-time employment for millions of blue- and white-collar workers.

    What does this mean? There is work, but it’s not the same as it used to be. There are jobs, but not the same ones offered a few years ago. And unless you want to go after menial work, you’ll need to acquire a disciplined education and variety of experiences, while also developing a highly valued mind.