The Progress Paradox Part 2

In the work I do as a coach, I speak with many amazing clients who have achieved a lot in their work and in their lives. And yet, some are dissatisfied and don’t feel successful. By other people’s standards, they could feel really good about themselves, yet they don’t.

The Progress Paradox Part 1

Doing Better, Feeling Worse

I remember when I first started coaching in the C-Suite (CEO, CFO, CIO, etc.), I was struck by the fact that some people who had reached what is commonly thought of as the pinnacle of leadership success were still not experiencing a feeling of well-being. The brass ring they had been reaching for did not bring the anticipated feelings of relief, peace or deep personal satisfaction.

Maybe you’ve noticed this too: As a society, we’re achieving more yet feeling worse. Even when well paid, we’re dissatisfied. Most of us accomplish plenty but lack feelings of well-being.