Positivity and High Performance Business Teams

Happy Team Members Picture 300x200 Positivity and High Performance Business Teams

I find this research fascinating because it was done by actually observing business teams interacting during real meetings.

For years, organizational psychologist Marcial Losada, PhD, studied the characteristics of high-performing business teams. As part of his work, he designed a meeting room to capture the real-time behavior of business teams in action.

The Broaden-and-Build Model of Positive Emotions

What good are positive emotions in the workplace? This is a question scientists have studied well. Research actually points us to two good reasons to encourage positivity as a leader.

Unlike negative emotions, which narrow our focus with respect to possible actions, positive emotions achieve the opposite: They open us. Positivity expands our social, physical and cognitive resources.

The Business Benefits of Positivity

When I started my career at AT&T, I had a boss (who will remain nameless), who was brilliant technically but did not turn his chair around to face you when you were talking to him. He had his computer on the table behind his desk and would face the screen and continue typing for the duration of many 1:1 meetings I had with him (notice I did not say face 2 face meetings). I like to focus on positive learning and one thing I learned from him was how to read body language, even while staring at the back of someone’s head!

What Good Is Positivity in Management?

Like many of my colleagues, I’ve been intrigued about the research about happiness and peak performance from the new field of Positive Psychology. But like many of my clients, I’ve been waiting for someone to connect the dots between just “feeling good,” and bottom line results in business.