Resilience Booster

Man Hand writing Resilience with black marker on visual screenOne of the key skills of resilient people is how they handle everyday setbacks with optimism and positive self-talk. I had the opportunity to attend a workshop led by Dr. Robert Brooks, a Harvard Professor and expert on resilience and motivation. He stated that “one…

What People Want From Leaders

Leadership professors Barry Posner and Jim Kouzes, after surveying thousands of people on ideal leadership qualities, reveal that the ability to look forward is second only to honesty as the most admired trait. On average, 70 percent of workers worldwide select...

Shift Your Mindset to Unlock Your Potential

When working with my extremely talented executive coaching clients, we do a lot of work with the brain and mindset. Have you thought about your own mindset? Do you ever wonder why some very smart people don’t live up to their potential? Maybe you yourself need to...

3 Good Things

  1)      I spent a blissful morning attending a lecture at the Center for Leadership at Florida International University’s College of Business, which I was invited to attend by the Center’s own Dr. Nathan Hiller, a member of the Academic Advisory Board and a widely...

The Magic of Mentoring

When coaching high potential leaders I  suggest they also find a mentor and always ask that they think outside the box. The easiest choice is someone in your own organization but sometimes the best learning comes from someone in a completely unrelated role. When...

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