Create a Standard of Integrity

What is your standard of integrity? It’s an important question to answer when you’re establishing a culture of trust. I wrote about this in my last post Establishing Trust. Leaders are standard-bearers who establish the basic tenets of integrity throughout their...

Establishing Trust

Countless management books, seminars and programs offer insights into how leaders can develop trust within their organizations. Their consistent theme—“It begins with you”—is certainly valid, as leaders must model trust and set an example for their people. Success...

Leading Beyond Your Authority

Are you leading beyond your authority? In today’s complex and dotted-line organizational culture, your job frequently requires buy-in from people outside your direct authority. Influencing people who report to someone else can prove daunting—and an even greater...

In Search of Authentic Leaders

From what I see in most companies, employees at all organizational levels seek meaning and fulfillment at work. And most are willing to work hard for authentic, trustworthy leaders. Authenticity has become the gold standard for leadership. But a simplistic...

What Blocks Creative Insights?

I've been exploring how leaders and managers can facilitate high performance in people through creative insights. Albert Einstein is reported to have said that if you gave him an hour to solve a problem, he'd use the first 55 minutes to consider if it was the right...

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