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Why do Executives and Organizations seek out the Daymark Group?

  • We understand the relentless demands required to live and thrive in the Fortune 100 space while remaining personally whole and successful, because we have done it ourselves.
  • We understand that today’s leaders and organizations are interested in personal, social and global awareness and change, not just profit.
  • We love to bring the people and business expertise from some of the most successful multinational companies in the world to mid-size organizations.
  • We know that actual people and teams drive success, not just well-defined strategy and the pressing need to keep shareholders happy.
  • We understand the cutting edge “brain science” behind personal growth and change.

“The truly great leaders I know are comfortable with the truth – hearing it and telling it” (Dr. Angela Love)

Who We Are

Angela-150Dr. Angela Love, CEO of Daymark Group, is a pioneer in the field of brain-based coaching and Fortune 500 leadership and team development. She works globally with people and teams dedicated to personal, organizational and global transformation. Angela is proud to be a Founding Fellow of the Harvard/McLean Hospital Institute of Coaching Professional Association and is dedicated to furthering the science and ethics of the leadership development and coaching profession.

Find out why Inc. bestselling Practical Genius author, Gina Rudan, calls Dr. Angela Love the “the Yoda-for-hire”

Clients Who Trust

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